Xbox Slim AC Adapter

Is regular interruption of power disturbing your gaming? Well, if yes it is time to buy Xbox slim ac adapter. It is the perfect replacement to power up your console and you can enjoy your gaming without any disturbance. This slim ac adapter is featured with a built-in power supply with approximately 2m of total length for convenient placement. You can play different games while the adapter is plug-in.


Xbox slim ac adapter has a LED indicator light that indicates the power status. Additionally, the auto voltage feature of Xbox slim adapter allows it to use anywhere. If you found broken ac power adapter, this is the best replacement for that. It is also compatible with MICROSOFT Xbox 360 slim adapter. This adapter is highly sensitive and fit the console’s power inlet with quality assuring smoothness.

Xbox slim ac adapter is mainly designed to reduce the electromagnetic radiation, which are not safe for humans. Thus it is associated with environmental benefits. One of the unique feature of this adapter is that its body is very strong because it does not break by a shallow drop even it falls down or some other external force is applied. If you want to change your original console adapter it is good to replace it with Xbox slim ac adapter. This adapter is outfitted with in-built safety and efficiency mechanisms that assure not only a steady power supply for your console but also its accessories robust.

The adapter distributes 135W of power from a voltage input of 100-245V 2A. Users can get a power cord. So, there is no need to shop again for additional cord. This accessory compatible with Xbox slim adapter and you can get them at an affordable rate.

Enjoy the wonderful experience of gaming without any breakdown with Xbox slim ac adapter!

Xbox Power Adapter

Everyone loves gaming, especially kids. While purchasing power adapter for your consoles, you must be very careful in selecting them. In case you are giving it as a gift to someone you must choose the best one. Well, to solve your selection process you must choose Xbox power adapter. This adapter has been getting a lot of appreciation from gamers.


Xbox power adapter offers a smoother and sleek design that tempts users and they purchase it. Unlike other gaming gadgets its design speaks all about its features. Its design is so attractive that you can put it in your home without having to deal with the cluttered look. Another thing that sets it apart from other adapters is that it is more affordable than them. It is also equipped with a power button that is touch sensitive and makes easy procedure to set it on and off. Also, Xbox 360 has Wi-Fi connection enable that connects to the web whenever you want. It is also integrated with 250 GB hard drive that allows saving thousands of games. The audio quality is also very good. Xbox power adapter comes with power safeguard and is highly optimized for ideal conditions.

The adapter comes with 1year warranty and is fitted with LED indicator that indicates its power status. It is also made with superior quality of cells for attaining more sustained charging and includes an in-built fail-proof safety mechanism that prevents from electric faults. The outer cover of the adapter is featured with a high quality material, which avoids easy breakdown of the adapter.

Avail the benefits of Xbox power adapter by purchasing it and avoids power faults. You can get the discounted pricing on the adapter to grab all its benefits and enjoy the gaming.

Xbox One Controller Charger

If you want to continue the action of games going on, you must buy Xbox one controller charger. With this charger gamers can enjoy to play the games without any interruption of battery backup. The controller transmits all signals through the charging cable until it is unplugged. Once the battery is fully charged that can be identified by indication of LED on the charge cable, users can stay connected to their console through charging cable. You can keep leave your console on or turn off the LED will indicate the status of battery and indicates that battery is charging.

71iQR0u7M9L._SL1500_Many users are wasting their time and money on purchasing batteries that doesn’t work efficiently. For those users must give a try to Xbox one controller charger. It is fitted with two Energizer Recharge batteries that are compatible with Xbox one controllers. This charger will keep gamers powered up and ready to play even for long hours without any headache of battery backup. With this charger users can charge two controllers with green and red LED light indication that keeps on checking the status of battery pack. Also, the charger comes with 2X charging system, AC power adapter and two recharge battery packs.

How to charge your battery with Xbox controller charger

  • In the first step open the compartment of battery or the door of battery.
  • Insert the rechargeable battery pack into the compartment of the controller. However, make sure the connection side is first, so that Xbox logo is inserted in the same way as directed in the label.
  • Change the battery compartment door and connect your charge cable to the charge port.
  • Connect the other part of the charge cable with a controller port and turn on your Xbox One Console.